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The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines governance as “the art or fashion of governing whose objective is to achieve lasting financial, social and institutional development while promoting a healthy balance between the State, civil society and the market economy”.

Our goal is to promote efficiency, transparency, expertise and responsibility responsibility in the operation of the instruments of supplemental social security.

The list below details some of the services that are provided in this area:

  • Oversight of the operational and functional systems of the instruments through the design of protocols and operating standards for coordinating the actions of all the parties involved.
  • Comprehensive advice for the optimal operation of Control Commissions, Boards of Directors and Governing Boards: writing of proceedings, decision making, contract execution.
  • Writing of content for training systems.
  • Preparation for immediate interaction with the administration: Insurance and Pension Fund General Directorate or the Taxation General Directorate.
  • Execution of investment policies in keeping with socially responsible criteria.
  • Informative transparency. Advice on the writing of efficient and transparent communications for the beneficiaries and for all of the parties involved in supplemental social security.
  • Technical support to ensure constant compliance with the guiding principles of corporate responsibility as they apply to supplemental social security.
  • Interaction with other departments, such as the investment department, to ensure that any costs identified stem from existing contracts.
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